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Parents & Guardians: Please note the Conference Track Meet scheduled for today has been canceled.  It has been rescheduled to Thursday, May 17 at 1:45 p.m.

Track Schedule 

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If a student is interested in trying out/participating in a sport:

  1. Students need to sign up in the Commons during their lunch period. (Student must have a physical that is less than a year old on file here in the Spring Wood Office to be eligible.)
  2. Coaches will post a list of students from those who signed up who are eligible to participate.
  3. If your name is not posted, more than likely you do not have a current physical.
  4. Students can verify physical status any morning before classes, 7:15-7:40 AM in the Spring Wood Health Office.
  5. Current and complete physicals need to be on file before a student can try-out for a sport.


Students must go home and return no earlier than 3:45 PM. (Game time is between 3:45-4:00 PM).

Students may not remain on school grounds to wait for doors to open because we do not have any supervision available.

A parent or adult guardian must accompany any younger fan that wants to attend a home game and must sit with that adult guardian in the Family section.  These younger fans cannot sit in the student section.

Seating in our gym is very limited and it is a high priority for us to have our Spring Wood students have a seat at the game.  Any younger brother, sister, cousin, nephew/niece, or neighbor must sit in the Family section with a supervising adult.

Teacher supervisors will be monitoring this before and during the games.


C   Can't leave the gym once the game has started unless you are going home.  You need a pass to use the bathroom          during the game. (Ask a supervisor.)  A stretch break will be allowed between games.

H   Have a positive and fun time.

A   All items (purses, back packs, coats, hats) need to be kept in Room 113 before going into the game.

R   Respect the other team, respect our team, respect the referees, and respect each other.

G   Go in by the girl's locker room entrance.

E   Eating and drinking are ONLY allowed in the commons.  Don't bring candy or snacks or gum in the gym.

R   Responsibility is yours for getting a ride home after the game.  Most games end by 6 PM.



Spring Wood Sports Agreement

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Concussion Signs and Symptoms Checklist

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