Mission and Vision Statements



Our mission is to provide a quality education to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare each student for academic success.

                                                                  VISION STATEMENTS
 Our vision is:
        - That each student in District 20 will meet or exceed their individual
           growth target:
                 . Each student in District 20 will have an individualized learning continuum
                   that follows them throughout their District 20 learning experience.
                 . For each student performing below grade level, their individualized
                   learning continuum will help them achieve grade level.
        - That each member of the District 20 learning community will support the
           tenet that all children can and will learn.
        - That students and staff will treat each other with respect and tolerance,
           and will appreciate diversity while celebrating our American heritage.
        - That students and teachers will be technologically competent individuals
           who access and use technology to maximize the effectiveness of instruction
           and learning:
                 . For teachers, that means using available technology to help teach
                   students and facilitate their learning;
                 . For students, that means using available technology to access,
                   analyze, and apply content while mastering the skills needed to continue
                   to use technology to learn.
          - District 20 will be recognized for excellence in education.
          - The District's curriculum will ensure that students master the skills
            necessary to be ready for high school.