Recommended Links

Online Homework and Research Help

Ask Dr. Math - Help with mathematical questions

Illinois State Museum - Illinois State Museum website for information on Illinois culture and natural history

Time for Kids - Current events for grades K-6

Online Search

Ask Jeeves for Kids - for Grades 1-6

CultureGrams - An online database for culture including photos, recipes and famous people.

Encyclopaedia Brittanica - Search using Encyclopaedia Brittanica

Encyclopaedia Brittanica (Spanish) - Search using Encyclopaedia Brittanica

KidsClick! - Created by librarians and is often considered the best kids index

KidsKonnect - A safe Internet gateway for kids created and maintained by educators.

Yahooligans - Web Guide for Kids

Online Educational Activities

Atomic Learning - Learn how to use hundreds of software programs. This site uses short video clips to teach how to use a variety of software programs. A user name and password can be obtained from your Spring Wood teacher.

AAAMath - Interactive practice for every kind of math problem for students in grades K through 8. The problems are preceded by a tutorial and then students can do timed practice questions. Feedback is given on the number of answers that are correct and incorrect.

AP Multimedia Archive - The AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive is a supplemental research tool that allows learners of all ages to search four databases (photographs, audio sound bytes, graphics, and text) spanning over 160 years of history. Users of this subscription will be logged into the site automatically from computers on the district's network. For use outside the district, the user name and password should be obtained from a teacher. Click on "Search the Archive" to access the databases.
The ArithmAttack - The ArithmAttack - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division drills for students grades 2-5

Brainpop - This site has various sources of video for many areas of curriculum.

Forces of Nature - The site explores volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Animations, illustrations, and 3D models help to explain where each phenomenon occurs, how they are measured or classified, and what causes them. Historical examples in the Case Studies section can be plotted with the Map feature. Interaction allows visitors in the Lab section to control variables that affect force and ferocity to create their own volcano, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake.

FunBrain - Educational games for a variety of subjects

HowStuffWorks - Shows students how hundreds of things work.

Interactive Mathematics - National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics 

KidsFunOnline - A variety of activities for students K-8 and several resources for teachers and lesson plans

Kids Math - These are lessons in math in different languages. You can choose the grade level and type of lesson, i.e. long division.