Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Education Meeting Video

In an effort to promote transparency and provide additional opportunities to view proceedings of the Board of Education, meetings of the Board of Education are recorded and posted on YouTube.  Please visit the Board of Education's YouTube Channel to view recorded meetings.  Recordings are not edited but are posted in several segments due to length.  

Board of Education YouTube Channel

Minutes of the Board of Education

Please note: Board meeting minutes are posted within 10 days after their approval at the following board meeting. For example: the January, 2018 board meeting minutes are posted within 10 days after the February, 2018 meeting.

In May 2017, the Board of Education began video recordings of its Board of Education Meetings.  In August 2017 a Board YouTube Channel was launched and the May, June, and August 2017 Regular Meeting recordings were posted.  

Posted meeting minutes contain a summary of meeting content and action taken.