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Attend 9/29 Special Board Meeting

Please register below to virtually attend the upcoming Board of Education Meeting so that we can send you an email with the link to access the Zoom meeting.  Please contact if you have any questions.

First page of the PDF file: PublicParticipationSlide
The District welcomes public participation at Board Meetings, please visit Public Participation to see additional information. A goal of the District is to maintain open, two-way communication with the public and increase community participation in District activities, including Board meetings
We ask that you submit your public comment(s) by email before the board meeting begins to Please include your name, affiliation with the district (parent, school, staff, community member, etc.) and your comment(s) in the email.
Please note that Board Members will not respond to public comments during this meeting. We will address questions and concerns after the meeting through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on the district website.
You may also submit your questions or concerns to