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Board Briefs 1-26-2023


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Board of Education Regular Meeting

Thursday, January 26, 2023

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Strategic Planning Retreat

On Saturday, January 21, 2023, Keeneyville D20 stakeholders from across the community gathered to review the district’s achievements under the 2019-22 Strategic Plan and engage in collaborative goal setting discussions for the future. The 40 participants included Board of Education members, students, parents, community members, staff, and administrators. It was exciting to work together to help guide the district as we develop our new Strategic Plan. The future looks bright for District 20!


Board Recognition

The success of any school district is directly connected to the support and hard work of its employees, parents, and community members. With that in mind, the Board of Education like to recognize those individuals that have gone “above and beyond” in service to the students of the district.

This month, the Board was honored to recognize Stephanie Williams with a Board Salute. Ms. Williams is a new 5th Grade Teacher at Greenbrook who brought Maddie's Mitten March to Greenbrook School's first Grinch Day. Through this great program, they were able to provide winter clothing items to over 50 grateful families in the community.  The event was very successful and is expected to become an annual event at Greenbrook.

Roselle Public Library New Campus Presentation

Representatives of the Roselle Public Library gave a presentation to the Board on their new library campus, which is designed to address several resident-identified priorities including: designated areas for all age groups, indoor study and meeting spaces, drive-up window, makerspace, meet and greet areas, more accessible entrance, increased parking, and community gathering space. 

The spring 2023 election will give the Roselle community an opportunity to vote on the bonds of the library in the amount of $22 million to be issued to build the new library campus.

Board Meeting Highlights

Board Items

  • Finance & Facilities Committee updates included identifying their plans for summer 2023 construction, including replacing student lockers and reconfiguring the main office at Greenbrook, and updating all bathrooms at Spring Wood. 
  • The Finance & Facilities Committee also reviews district enrollment data.  Despite a projected decline based the historical data, the district's enrollment has increased 1.4% from their projections for 2022-23, primarily attributed to the increase in Kindergarten students at Greenbrook and an increase in the number of immigrant students district-wide.
  • The Parent-Teacher Advisory Committee recently shared a Parent and Guardian Interest Survey gather feedback on the type of family engagement and learning opportunities they would like to see this spring and next fall.
  • The previous district administrator technology position will be divided into two separate, but coordinating district roles so that we can better meet the needs of our students and staff:  (1) Assistant Director of Instructional Technology and Innovation and (2) Assistant Director of Information Technology and Infrastructure

Superintendent's Report

  • Dr. Castillo thanked all students, parents, staff, board members, community members and administrators for their participation in the Strategic Planning Retreat on Saturday, January 21.  Updates will be shared throughout the remainder of the school year as the next 3-Year Strategic Plan is finalized and approved by the Board.
  • The first Coffee Chat with Dr. Castillo was held on January 18 at Waterbury.  It was great to have the opportunity to catch up with staff and answer parent questions.  The next Coffee Chat will be held at Greenbrook/ECC on Wednesday, February 22.
  • First Read of 2023-2024 School Calendar was completed by the Calendar Committee and will be submitted for approval at the February Board Meeting.  Tentative dates include:  Aug. 15 Opening Institute Day;  Aug. 16 1st Day of School (Gr. 1-8); Aug. 21 1st Day of School (Kindergarten); Nov. 22-24 Thanksgiving;  Dec. 25-Jan. 5 (Winter Break, aligned with LPHS); Mar. 25-29 (Spring Break, aligned with LPHS); May 24 Last Day (if no emergency days); May 31 Last Day (if emergency days used).
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District Administrator Reports

  • Mrs. Reiley Straub, Director of Finance and Operations, presented the Financial Dashboard.  The Board approved the Resolution to begin work on the 2023-2024 Budget.
  • Dr. Carrie Buckley, Director of Teaching and Learning, reported that this month all students in grades K-8 are participating in Winter Benchmark Assessments in literacy and math skills.  Following the assessment window, the data will be analyzed and presented to the Board at the February meeting.  The Dual Language Committee is giving presentations on the 2023-2024 Dual Language Program to staff at all buildings, and to the Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC), as part of their ongoing efforts to ensure that all stakeholders have information to begin the program successfully in the Fall.  They will be holding virtual and in-person forums for all families to learn more about the program.
  • Ms. Colleen Flores, Director of Student Services, shared information about the upcoming Newcomers Night for the district's two largest newcomer immigrant populations: Spanish and Ukrainian.  Presentations will be given on 1/31 in the families' native languages to cover topics including EL services, navigating Keeneyville schools, and providing resources in our local community.
  • Mrs. Julie Relihan, Director of Strategic Operations, talked about the successful 1/25 Parent University Presentation on Supporting the Whole Child by Tom Heirck, which was a virtual event hosted jointly by the Lake Park HS feeder districts.  She also encouraged families to please provide feedback on the type of district events they would like to attend in the Parent/Guardian Interest Survey and share their input on their child's school in the 5Essentials Parent Survey by March 31.

School Administrator Reports

  • Greenbrook School: Principal Gustafson shared that the students have been busy working hard on Winter Benchmark testing in NWEA MAP, F&P, and FastBridge.  Access testing was also started for EL students.  Greenbrook is incorporating Mindfulness which consists of a 10-minute activity during quiet time to teach students to be more self-aware and reflective in their day which will lead to an improved student ability to problem solve independently with confidence.
  • Waterbury School:  Principal Pokora reported that his students have also been working on Winter Benchmarking.  Staff members are taking deep dives into the assessment data to analyze student needs and set classroom and individual student goals.  He also applauded the Student Council for their activities this year.  It has been great to see students taking responsibility and showing their care and respect for all students.  The school is looking forward to incorporating student-led ideas in upcoming school-wide PBIS rewards.
  • Spring Wood Middle School:  Principal Aliano said that the students will complete their MAP testing this week.  He spoke about the recent SW staff meeting during which they celebrated the progress made to date and set goals for the remainder of the year.  He introduced a middle school student to share highlights about student activities, including the winter choir and band concerts, You've Been Struck rewards for being respectful, responsible, and safe, and wrap-up of the basketball and cheer seasons.  She also talked about how important the positive connections made between staff and students has been a highlight for many. 

Upcoming Events

  • Friday, January 27:  Preschool Screening - NO CLASSES at ECC
  • Tuesday, January 31:  SW Boys Basketball Medinah @ SWMS Thunderdome 4-6:30pm
  • Tuesday, January 31:  Newcomers' Night - SW Innovation Center 7-8pm
  • Friday, February 10:  ECC Fieldtrip - NO CLASSES at ECC
  • Thursday, February 17:  Parent-Teacher Conferences (8-12am)
  • Monday, February 20:  Presidents' Day SCHOOLS CLOSED
  • Wednesday, February 22:  Dr. Castillo's Coffee Chat @ Greenbrook/ECC - GB Innovation Center 7:45-8:15am Staff, 8:15-8:45am Parents
  • Thursday, February 23:  Board of Education Regular Meeting - SW Innovation Center 7pm

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