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Board Salute Program

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Who is eligible for a Board Salute?

Any employee, parent volunteer, community volunteer, and supporter of District 20 that has gone “above and beyond” in service to the students.

How are people nominated?

Fill out the online nomination form or through the School and District offices.  Completed nominations should be turned into any school principal or to the superintendent’s office.

How are award recipients selected?

The superintendent shall bring all nominations to a special committee of the Board of Education including the superintendent and two (2) Board of Education members. Award recipients will be selected by this committee and brought to the full Board of Education for their formal recognition.

How often will Board salutes be given?

Quarterly or at the direction of the Board of Education.

How are award recipients recognized?

Those members of the District 20 family recognized with a Board Salute will be honored with the following: A certificate of recognition formally presented at a Regular Board of Education meeting; a small token of the Board’s esteem in recognition of the recipient’s extra service to the District; the recipient’s name affixed to a recognition plaque displayed outside of the District Office entrance.

Congratulations to the 2020 Board Salutes!

February 20, 2020

DONNA RIVARD - Student Services Administrative Assistant

May 21, 2020

JACKI RASINSKI  - Waterbury Social Worker

JENNIFER ENGSTROM - District Instructional Technology Coach

VALERIE ZIELINSKI – Greenbrook Grade 2 Teacher

JANA STEVENS – District STEM Coach

KIM ZAPRZALKA – Aramark Employee- Food Service Provider

MARIA ROBERTI – District Office Receptionist & A/P Specialist

JULIE RELIHAN (2 Board Salute Nominations) – Director of Communications & Community Relations

RON LODA – Physical Education Teacher

June 18, 2020

LORI BERTHOLD – Human Resource Specialist

August 20. 2020

DR. OMAR CASTILLO – Superintendent

WENDY FLAHERTY – Assistant Superintendent

ABN & District Custodians

KIKO SOTO - Director of Buildings and Grounds


JIM WARD - GB Day Custodian

JIM SAMMONS - District - Maintenance - Day

DANIEL ROBLES - WB Day Custodian

JOSE SORIA - ABN Maintenance - Night

MARICELA LOPEZ - ABN Custodian - Night

MARCELA ROMAN - ABN Custodian - Night

ELVIA ALVARADO - ABN Custodian - Night

RAFAEL RODRIGUE - ABN Custodian – Night  



CAROLINA SALGADO - ABN Custodian - Night

MILAGRO VEGA - ABN Custodian - Night

TERESA CONTRERAS - ABN Custodian - Night

September 24, 2020

WB PTO – Gina Grossman, Jeanette Fitzgerald, Sara Slowik, Vanessa Murphy, Amanda Kristo

MICHAEL FRICANO – Former SW Student – Eagle Scout

October 22, 2020

CARINA GOUNARIS (2 Board Salute Nominations) – GB Secretary