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D20 Student Services Team

District 20

Anthony Adamowski

School Psychologist 




I have had the joy and privilege of being a school psychologist for over thirty years, and this is my third school year supporting the Keeneyville ESD 20 community. As the district school psychologist who supports all four campuses, I work directly with students and assist families and staff members at the preschool, both elementary schools, and the middle school. I firmly believe that students do well IF they can. In the words of Ross Greene, “Kids with behavioral challenges are not attention-seeking, manipulative, limit-testing, coercive, or unmotivated. But they do lack the skills to behave appropriately. Adults can help by recognizing what causes their difficult behaviors and teaching kids the skills they need.” My goal is to help students learn those skills.

Sarah Thielk

Board Certified Behavior Analyst



As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) I strive to support teachers and students in implementing positive behavior strategies in the classroom.  It is important to me that as a district, we look at behavior as needed skills and not always something negative or to be eliminated.  The word "behavior" is defined as anything a person does.  Meaning that when properly supported, students can learn positive behaviors, just as they do reading and math.  When supporting staff and students, I use the principals of the science of behavior to choose meaningful programs that address lifelong learner skills that will have a positive impact on the individual in all aspects of their lives and an impact on teachers professional growth.  

Early Childhood Center

Mary Bringas

School Social Worker




As a school social worker, my approach to students is that academics and behaviors go hand-in-hand and each student learns at their own pace. I work to find out what else we can do to support our students and parents and find solutions.

Greenbrook Elementary School

Kylie Lane

School Social Worker



The best way to approach helping students is to build rapport with them. Find things that they enjoy talking about, greeting them by name, asking simple questions about their days, finding what outside activities they participate in, and letting them know you are there for them. When a student knows you are interested in their lives, and themselves as a person outside of just academics they become more invested in the conversations you have with them. This in turn benefits my ability to help and support them. 

Dawn Massani

School Social Worker



I help students regulate and manage their social emotional well being to give them the opportunity to be the most successful possible in the education environment. I am here to teach them the social emotional skills to do so. I believe every student has their own unique recipe to success. Making students feel safe and heard is a top priority. I will always meet a student where they are and prefer to build on strengths first.

Jordan Snellgrove

School Social Worker




I am a school social worker because I know that many students have barriers and challenges in life that are not only academic. My approach to supporting students is to always keep an open mind, validate their feelings, and to never stop learning through them.

Waterbury Elementary School

Jackie Rasinski

School Social Worker




I support students at Waterbury by taking a calm approach and talking to them about things that they love.  It's so important for students to feel supported emotionally, so that they can be the best version of themselves here at school! 

Kaitlyn Stanley

School Social Worker



Hello, my name is Kaitlyn Stanley, and I am a social worker at Waterbury. As a social worker in the school setting, my job is to support the emotional well-being of our students and staff and help students foster their social skills by providing services individually and in groups, as well as supporting the whole classroom. Essentially, ensuring that students feel safe, happy, and supported while they are at school!

Spring Wood Middle School

Christina Conenna

School Social Worker



My name is Christina Conenna, I am one of the school social workers at Spring Wood Middle School. This is my fourth year as a Charger! It has been so much fun building connections with so many students in different situations. I work with a variety of students from a various backgrounds and skill sets. In working with students, my goal is to help them in each area they need support. We work on managing our emotions, resolving conflicts with others, building confidence, and supporting families.  

Hannah Jasinski

School Social Worker



Hi! My name is Hannah Jasinski and I am one of the School Social Workers at Spring Wood Middle School! I love being a Social Worker here! It is my goal to work with students in a variety of different ways in order to support them  them to be successful here at school. I think it is important to build strong bonds with students, meet them where they are at and provide them with a safe environment in order to help them work through barriers or struggles. We are able to do this through conversations, games and other fun activities!