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Dr. Omar Castillo

Superintendent of Schools

(630) 894-4004

Dr. Omar Castillo earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Loyola University Chicago.  He received his first Master of Science degree in Educational Administration in 1999 from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Dr. Castillo earned his second Master degree of Education in Instructional Technology from Northern Illinois University.  He earned his Doctor of Education degree in Educational Administration and Foundations at Illinois State University.

Dr. Castillo has been a leader in educational support systems from the start of his career in the inner-city schools of Chicago as a junior high math teacher.  His love for teaching and learning grew as he wanted to make a difference in the lives of more students and pursued his leadership goals.  Dr. Castillo has been a building level school administrator serving as the assistant principal of student services and middle school principal.  Dr. Castillo continued as a school district administrator having served as an assistant superintendent of teaching and learning and superintendent of schools prior to coming to serve the Keeneyville 20 school community.

Dr. Castillo’s dissertation, Instructional Decision Making in Two Middle Schools: A Comparative Study of a Comprehensive System of Student Support was supervised by the honorable Dr. Paul J. Baker.  Dr. Castillo has presented his research as a practitioner at local and State-wide leadership workshops and conferences including the Illinois PBIS Summer Leadership Conference in northern Illinois and the Illinois PBIS Winter Leadership Conference in southern Illinois.