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ESD20 Return to Learn Updates

We were so excited to welcome 100% of our Keeneyville District 20 Students back to IN-PERSON LEARNING this Fall!  While we are not quite back to full "pre-pandemic normal," the  COVID-19 protocols with layered mitigation strategies have allowed our students to return to the classrooms full-time.  We are very grateful to our families, students and staff for following the health and safety protocols which help us to maintain a safe learning environment.

What Should I Do If My Child Is Sick?

For full detailed instructions, read and follow the Absence Information Sheet.

Please do not send your child to school if s/he is not feeling well.  Report your child's absence to your school office and provide specific symptoms so that we can help identify if it may be COVID-19 related. 

If your child is experiencing one or more of the common COVID-19 symptoms, your child must stay home and cannot attend school or extracurricular activities. 

We strongly recommend getting tested as soon as possible.  Be sure that your child gets one of the acceptable COVID-19 tests (RT-PCR molecular or NAAT viral are acceptable;  rapid PCR, antigen, and over-the-counter tests are not acceptable). For COVID-19 testing sites click here.

For more information about D20 COVID-19 Protocols or related information, please visit ESD2O RETURN TO LEARN or any of the following pages:


We encourage you to contact the district or your school if you have any questions or concerns.

You may also send an email to and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Teaching & Learning Around The District

D20 Summer School was a huge hit!  The program served over 170 students in grades K-8 in-person at Spring Wood.  All activities and lessons focused on literacy, math, and social emotional learning.  We hope to be able to continue to offer the same support each year for our Keeneyville students.

The District's newly formed Intervention Team will support students, staff, parents and each other by designing a comprehensive intervention program that utilizes data to accelerate student learning and guide instruction.  The team engaged in extensive planning discussions and training over the last two months.  They recently spent two days in each building assessing all of the students and gathering data.  The team has started to analyze the student data to target their interventions to the students' specific needs as a grade level, as well as individuals.

The English Learner (EL) District Committee is continuing to meet and plan to develop a dual language program in the district for the 2021-2022 school year.  The group will continue to work on designing program that will better meet the needs of our English language learner students.

The Elementary Enrichment Team has met frequently to plan for collaborative, aligned lessons for Grades 3-5, with the goal to provide numerous learning opportunities to allow their students to interact with one another across the district using digital tools.  Although the elementary students are currently in two separate buildings, the majority of them will join together in the same class at Spring Wood.  The Enrichment Team has also designed a new K-2 program called the OTTER Program, with the goal to get to know the primary students early through push in read-alouds in the classrooms. 

Teachers are utilizing new curriculum resources in several areas, including in Math, Science, and STEM classes to better support their students. 

  • Carnegie Math will be used by middle school teachers during the first trimester and a second math resource will be implemented in the second trimester.  The Math Team participates in training sessions, meets regularly to discuss what is working and what could be improved, and will choose which of the two curriculum resources will be used for the remainder of the year, as well as the next 4 years. 
  • Teachers in elementary and middle school are piloting a new science curriculum called Amplify Science.  This program will help take science in the district to the next level with engaging and hands-on learning to bring science to life. The students and teachers piloting the resource are already enjoying it!
  • In addition, the Spring Wood STEM program is getting updated this year with a new curriculum resource called FUSE, which allows students to have choice in what they want to learn during STEM.  There will be numerous hands-on opportunities for students to dive into engineering, coding, graphic design, and numerous other STEM-related areas.


We will host a series of #ESD20Spotlight posts on social media and our website over the coming months to highlight the amazing staff throughout the district.  We are very proud of their hard work and commitment to our students and we want to shine a spotlight on their efforts and share information about them with the community. 

Please join-in by sharing comments, photos, or other well wishes with our Keeneyville D20 Family!


Upcoming Events


There are no events to display


Thank you to Bernie's Book Bank for donating a bag filled with books to each PK-6 student across the district!  We are grateful for your support in encouraging reading and helping our kids to grow their at-home libraries!

Thank You for the School Supplies!

A huge thank you to the Bloomingdale-Roselle Rotary Club and Edward Jones for their generous donations of school supplies.  We are fortunate to have such strong support from our community partners!  We will make sure that the supplies are directed to those families who are in need of some extra help.

Igniting the Power & Potential of Each Student!


They have had a busy start to the school year at the Early Childhood Center!  Three screening sessions have been held already and we are excited to have a lot of new kids join us this year. Our September Parent Education Day, which featured classroom centers, speech and language development, social/emotional learning, and fine and gross motor was well attended. We're looking forward to more lessons about fall as we move through the month of October.

Welcome to our little Penguins!


Curriculum Night for Waterbury School was held in-person as well as virtually so that parents could attend and learn more about the 2021-2022 school year.  It was great to have several community organizations attend to share their information with families and answer questions about various youth programs.  The PTO hosted their annual Walk-a-Thon which was a big success and wrapped-up a fun spirit week for the school.

The school-wide theme this year is "All Day, Every Day, The Wildcat Way!"


Greenbrook hosted a Curriculum night on August 31 with in-person and virtual sessions for parents to attend.  Community groups attended to share information about family and youth programs in the area.  Greenbrook also hosted a book fair to give families the opportunity to help their child develop the love for reading. 

The school-wide theme this year is "It's a Great Day to Be a Gator!"


The middle school Curriculum Night and Back to School Bash saw a great turn out and parents had an opportunity to learn about the 2021-22 school year as well as interact with staff and other parents.  The Homework Club has started, offering tutoring for students who need additional help.  Other after school clubs have also kicked-off with tremendous popularity and many students wanting to participate.  The kids are excited to get engaged in-person this year and several new clubs have even been suggested.  Our Chargers recently wrapped up a successful season for the Cross Country team at the conference tournament held at Lake Park's East Campus.  

Way to Go Chargers!

District 20 Board of Education

The Keeneyville Elementary School District 20 Board of Education holds regular board meetings monthly at 7:00pm on Thursdays in the Spring Wood Middle School Innovation Center and virtually on Zoom.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday, October 28, 2021.  For the full meeting calendar, click here.

During the pandemic, Board Members meet in person when it is safe to do so.  The public is welcome to attend in-person and sign-up at the entrance to make a public comment if desired.  If you would prefer to attend the meeting virtually, please sign-up here and submit any public comments via email to  Your comments will be read aloud on your behalf during public participation.  Please limit your comments to 5 minutes and adhere to Keeneyville School District 20 School Board Policy 2.230.  Please understand the Board will not respond to your questions and concerns during the meeting.  They will follow up with you regarding your questions and/or concerns.

Meeting information and minutes are located on the website.  You can also view recordings of the meetings on the Keeneyville YouTube Channel.

Highlights of September 23, 2021 Board Meeting

  • New members of the Keeneyville D20 Staff were introduced by their building administrators.
  • Consent agenda items included routine financial and personnel reports, as well as a number of annual contracts, agreements, and the approval of the 2021-2022 Parent-Student Handbook.
  • Dr. Omar Castillo, Superintendent, presented the Student & Staff Attendance Dashboard.
  • Mrs. Reiley Straub, Director of Finance & Operations, presented the Financial Dashboard.
  • District and Building Administrators gave updates to the Board for their departments/schools and submitted written reports to the Board.


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