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Safety and Security

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The safety of our students, staff, and visitors is always a top priority for District 20.  

A safe school is a place where learning can occur in a welcoming environment, free of intimidation, violence, and fear.  District 20 is dedicated to providing a safe environment for children so they can focus on learning and growing.  Safe school planning is an ongoing and collaborative partnership that includes local emergency responders, community members, social service networks, parents, students, staff, and administrators.  

District 20 has developed a multi-tiered approach for school safety and emergency preparedness, which is detailed in the D20 Emergency Operations Plan.  We understand that personal safety includes both school safety, as well as a person's physical and social-emotional well-being. The district's comprehensive planning includes all four phases of emergency and disaster management:

  1. Prevention:  the capabilities needed to avoid, deter, or stop an incident
  2. Preparation:  the capabilities needed to (a) protect students, teachers, staff, visitors, networks, and property against potential natural and human-caused threats or hazards, and (b) mitigate the likelihood of an incident or to reduce the impact of one
  3. Response:  the capabilities needed to stabilize an incident, save lives, establish a safe and secure environment, and facilitate the transition to recovery
  4. Recovery: the capabilities needed to restore the learning environment

This section is intended to serve as a one-stop-shop for families to find answers to broad safety and security questions.  It should be noted that the complete scope of District 20's emergency and crisis response planning and preparedness cannot be described publicly in order to maintain the security of our safety protocols and procedures.  Of course, if you have questions or concerns that are not addressed below, please reach out to your school or district office at

School safety is a shared responsibility.  We thank the Keeneyville District 20 community for helping to keep our schools safe!