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Parent Café is a physically and emotionally safe space where parents and caregivers talk about the challenges and victories of raising a family.  Keeneyville District 20 is committed to serving our parents by offering a series of child rearing topics of their choice.  The Superintendent's Parent Advisory Committee meets regularly to help determine the topics and planning of events each year.  Participants leave Parent Café events feeling inspired, energized, and excited to put into practice what they have learned.



The D20 Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC) is a group of parents who have students in the English Learner (EL) Language Program.  There are over 285 K-8 Grade Students in the District's EL Program.  BPAC assists in making decisions around family involvement and programming.  The Committee also serves to encourage the participation of parents and families in their child's education.  BPAC provides an opportunity to grow diversity by being bicultural.



Each of our schools have their own Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  The PTO encourages interaction between family and school, serves as a source of support, and works with the school and community to support the educational experience of all students at that school.

Please visit your child's school PTO page for more information.