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At Home Learning Actvities

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At Home Learning

At Home Learning activities will help to engage your children during our school closure and will provide continuity of learning outside the classroom walls.  While nothing can replace face-to-face support and learning, we commend our staff and partners for their dedication and flexibility to support our learners and families from afar.  Likewise, we appreciate the partnership of parents and community members to ensure our students continue to be supported and engaged learners during the school closure.  These activities are optional and grades will not be impacted by At Home Learning.

Students may need to log-in using their school Google accounts for some online activities.

We will also provide printed grade level “choice boards” for students which can be picked up at each school on weekdays, between 8am and 3pm beginning on Tuesday, March 17.  These choice boards provide sample activities that can be done without internet access in each core subject area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of At Home Learning?  

  • Ensures the safety of students and staff during school closures  
  • Promotes learning beyond the classroom walls at all times
  • Supports the use of digital tools and 21st century learning opportunities 

What are the guidelines for student assignments?  

Independent learning activities are available for students via print through “choice boards” and digitally for all grades on our At Home Learning website. Students do not have to show evidence of completion of any activities.  Current state guidelines during this shutdown are that any home activities/lessons not be graded and/or affect academic standing.  We want our students to continue to be engaged, so we are providing what we can at this time.  Paper copies of “choice boards” can be picked up at all three school locations between the hours of 8:00am-3:00pm M-F.

What if my student has special education needs or is an English learner?  

All students can access the online/at home activities consistent with their grade level if appropriate to their needs.  Online resources or activities for social work, speech pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy, are being updated as we receive them.

The activities are in an equitable way so that all students can fully engage in this from home learning.

What options are there for students without internet access?

As we know, some of our families cannot access the internet from home whether from lack of connectivity and/or lack of a device. As mentioned above, paper copies of grade level appropriate “choice boards” can be picked up at all three school locations between the hours of 8:00am-3:00pm M-F.