Community Clean Up 2017

"Developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare each student for academic success" 

Welcome to Greenbrook Elementary School!
— A community where students are ready to learn, teachers are ready to teach, leaders are ready to lead and parents are ready to support!

Greenbrook Elementary School serves pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. Our school has approximately 500 students. Our mission is to provide a quality education to develop the knowledge, skills, character and attitudes to prepare each student for academic success.”

Greenbrook Elementary School staff will provide your children with a comfortable place to learn and grow. When students come to Greenbrook Elementary School they are ready to learn. We will provide a meaningful education to students so they have a deep understanding of reading, math, and writing. We use Responsive Classroom to develop student’s ability to work and socialize together. We are focused on the adoption of the new Illinois Learning Standards incorporating the Common Core. We encourage communication and support between the school, home, and student. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our school.

John Gustafson